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Software-based transformation
An increasingly critical component of any network, software helps meet evolving end-user demands for greater programmability and openness. Sign up and find out more about SDN/NFV, as well as:

  • Central Office Re-architected as a Data Center (CORD) - Think SDN, NFV, and cloud software running on commodity servers and white box switches—to deliver data center economies of scale and cloud-like agility to service provider networks.

End-to-end packet networking
Packet traffic drives over 75% of the world’s business services bandwidth usage. Subscribe to get the packet networking information you need to transform your business, including insights into:

  • The latest mobile backhaul trends so you can keep pace with mobile user demands.
  • The power of 5G networks to help you deliver faster services, lower latency, and improved reliability—all while maintaining profitability.

Data center interconnect
Staying ahead of today’s demands requires sophisticated technologies that provide scalable, reliable, and high-performance interconnectivity. Subscribe and learn how DCI plays a critical role in meeting the explosion of data and non-stop demand for cloud-based services, and you'll also receive insights into:

  • Content delivery, and the challenges of keeping costs low and performance high while trying to keep up with the global demand for information. Learning how to address the dynamics of this growth is crucial to your success.

Redefining optical networks
The ability to scale and secure network capacity faster and smarter is a huge competitive advantage. Find out how the right optical solution is vital for your success, and you’ll also receive insights into:

  • Global submarine networking, the heavy lifters on the ocean floor. Without it, the Internet, international communication, and global data transport would be radically different.
  • How network and data security protects you from ever-increasing threats. Stay on top of the latest technology to ensure your data is secure, 24/7.