NID's, SLA's, Ethernet Rings and MPLS-TP. What do they mean to you? Find out more as Ciena technical experts John Hawkins, Mike Drew, Marc Holness, and Jeff Groom bring informative, educational 30-minute Webinars on Packet Networks. Get great Carrier Ethernet insight in just four short, interactive sessions.

Tunneling Through the Metro to Find Service Value: MPLS-TP How will MPLS-TP add value to Ethernet service offerings in the near future? This session explores the choices service providers have in implementing highly reliable and predictable network-based services for enterprises.

Life on the Edge: Intelligent Interface Devices for Network SimplificationHow do network operators offer services to small– and mid–sized businesses where the average revenue per user is limited? Can they do so profitably? This session explores Ciena’s solutions for low–touch service turn–up that limit the cost and time of turning up Ethernet business services en–masse.
Ethernet and Rings Don’t Mix… or Do They? G.8032 in Today’s NetworksHow do you leverage today’s most common metro topology in a world that’s migrating to Ethernet services? In this session, Ciena will explore how G.8032 technology can open a new set of Ethernet service opportunities over existing fiber infrastructures.
It’s 4am. Do You Know What Your Network is Up To? Delivering Strong SLAsUsing the latest standardized (and some custom) tools, how can network operators offer high–quality SLAs to increasingly demanding customer segments?  This session will discuss today’s service assurance tools and how to deliver strong SLAs.

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Ciena's featured speakers:

John Hawkins
Advisor, Product & Technology Marketing

Mike Drew
Product Line Director

Carrier Ethernet Solutions

Marc Holness
Product Line Architect

Carrier Ethernet Solutions

Jeff Groom
Senior Systems Engineer

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