Webinar | Reimagining Ethernet Service Activation with Intelligent Automation

Date: Wednesday, June 26
Time: 11:00am EDT

Traditional Ethernet service activation is too slow, too error-prone, and too expensive for today’s fast-paced market requirements. The impact? A multi-week order-to-service process with a high order fallout rate and exorbitant operations costs that negatively impact your competitiveness and profitability.

What if there’s a better way to design, configure, and provision Ethernet services—one that cuts OPEX and accelerates your order-to-service interval?

Join Blue Planet's Kevin Wade and Tom DiMicelli, along with Andreas Uys, Chief Technology Officer, Dark Fibre Africa (DFA), to learn how:

  • DFA used modern, open interfaces and standards to overcome the constraints of traditional Ethernet service activation
  • Ciena’s Blue Planet® automates Ethernet service design and provisioning end to end, across multi-domain, multi-vendor networks, help you cut weeks—and up to 85 percent of the OPEX—from your order-to-service process
  • You can apply for your free 45-day Ethernet Service Activation solution trial

If you’re ready to exploit 21st century technologies to streamline your order-to-service process and delight your customers with rapid service activation, you don’t want to miss this Webinar!

Attendees are eligible to apply for a free 45-day Ethernet Service Activation solution trial

Featured Speakers:

    Andreas Uys

    Andreas Uys, CTO, DFA Access

    Andreas’s extensive knowledge and experience, spanning 32 years, has allowed him to advance in fixed line networks, mobile networks, microwave technology, satellite technology, and copper and fiber networks. As the Chief Technical Officer of DFA, Andreas is the authoritative figure behind technology selection, network architecture, client advice, layered network solutions, and capital projects.

    Kevin Wade

    Kevin Wade, Sr. Director and Product Marketing Team Leader, Blue Planet

    Kevin Wade is Senior Director of Product Marketing within Ciena’s Blue Planet division. In this role, Kevin is responsible for leading the Blue Planet portfolio marketing team, as well as for driving the creation of programs to drive market awareness and market share for Ciena’s Blue Planet software suite.

    Tom DiMicelli

    Tom DiMicelli, Senior Advisor, Blue Planet Portfolio Marketing

    In his current role, Tom advocates for the pragmatic adoption of state-of-the-art SDN/NFV technology to improve business results and facilitate the evolution to the Adaptive Network. With 20+ years in high-tech, Tom’s sales and marketing experience spans software start-ups through large public corporations, with expertise in network-centric solutions for both enterprise and service provider markets.